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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Film Review: Just Go With It

Cert: 12A
Director: Dennis Dugan
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Starring: Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer), Jennifer Anniston (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and Nicole Kidman (The Others), plus Bailee Madison, Griffin Gluck, Nick Swardson and Brooklyn Decker.

Danny (Sandler) is a cosmetic surgeon who pretends to be married to an abusive wife to pull women for one night stands. Palmer (Decker) is a sweet school teacher and the first woman in a long time who Danny pulls without using his unique chat-up technique. Danny believes he and Palmer could have something great until Palmer finds his fake wedding ring. He can't tell her the truth, what kind of guy pretends to be married to get laid? So he creates a fake wife who he's fake divorcing. Unfortunately for Danny, Palmer insists insists on meeting said wife, enter Katherine (Anniston). Katherine works at Danny's surgery and is the one woman who knows about Danny's seedy ways. After some shoe shopping bribery she plays the perfect fake ex-wife, and everything goes to plan. That is until her kids ring and then Danny has a whole fake family to uphold.

It's not the most unique film in the world, it's not the smartest or the most romantic, but it is bloody funny and far better than I was expecting. Danny's fake children in particular just make the film as they blackmail Danny for all he's worth, giving a different meaning to 'Sugar Daddy'. Other great characters include Katherine's fake German boyfriend Eddie (Swardson) and her old 'frenemy' Devlin (Kidman). Just Go With It shows the consequences of lying through a fun script with good character development and some great laugh-out-loud humour. With each lie comes another comedic cover-up but as Danny quickly learns, it's best to Just Go With It...

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