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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dear Studio, Please Stop Ruining Things...

Written by Scott Menzies

There’s a fine line between producing a film for the sake of your audience, and producing a film for the sake of assuming that your audience will endorse it because...

Well, because they just will.

George Lucas did a damn clever thing when he released the fourth instalment of ‘Star Wars’ first – he set about creating a franchise and his audience wanted to watch the subsequent releases because they progressed to the end of the saga and THEN went back to the beginning. Each film, in its own right, made sense and each film, in its own right, related to the narrative of ‘Star Wars’ as a whole.

I would have been the happiest human insect hybrid lover in the world if Spider-Man were to have spun his last web after only one outing in New York; I know that I watched ‘Spider-Man 2’ but I really am unable to relay anything that happened in the film to you as a result. As for ‘Spider-Man 3’, I forced myself to be excited for its cinematic release but failed to engage with it (because the storyline was about as intricate and as uninteresting as a dew covered spider web).

All similes aside, if the first film sold well you do not need to make more. The fourth spider is creeping out of the woodwork in 2012 and I fear he will be splattered by society’s newspaper...

Yours Sincerely,

Scott Menzies.

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