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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Is 2011 going to be exciting?

Written by Kelly Alyse

You might think because we've had Inception, Avatar, Scott Pilgrim and Toy Story 3 that 2011 will bring us nowhere near as much joy. But don't be put down, there's lots of exciting possibilities which may bring tears of joy to our eyes. Then again, there have been quite a few let downs (The Last Airbender, Let Me In, Tron Legacy...) so these tears could soon be those of disappointment. Only time will tell!

We've still got a few little gems from The London Film Festival yet to be released including Never Let Me Go, Black Swan and Submarine. I can happily and confidently say these will NOT let you down as I was privileged enough to see them. You really must get your asses down to the cinema for those. Duke of York (Brighton) in particular would be beautiful to see those films. 

We've got Tangled, Disney's latest animation, along with all 50 of the Disney films being shown at the BFI Southbank. Who doesn't want to watch a cartoon on the big screen that was released in the 50s?! 

Captain America and The Green Lantern are going to give us our superhero fixes this year. Adding to the superhero theme, we've got the heroes themselves Simon Pegg and Nick Frost starring in Paul - A sci-fi comedy involving a happy little alien cowboy.

2011 looks good. 

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