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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Film Inventions

The Land Of Imagination

Hey folks! So many great films came out last year and we are lucky to have some exciting releases this year too. However, there are still so many movies that haven't been made yet; so many stories to share with the world, so many special effects we've never experienced and heaps of characters still to meet. So any film producers out there who are stuck for an idea, well I have a few for ya! Here are the movies I would love to see made:

I Believe In Fiction

Imagine if every superhero, action figure and mythical creature really existed. What if the myths, legends, fairytales, action plots and fantasies were all real? I'd love to see a film with every character from Superman to Edward Cullen to Jack Bauer in it. You could have lepricorns and mermaids and the X Men all there at once. What about the likes of James Bond and Cinderella and King Arthur? Not to mention the Cruella's, the wicked stepmothers, the Lex Luther's and the witches. It could be the most epic fantasy movie ever made. Shame it would violate thousands of copyrights because this would be one major blockbuster.

Your Education

What if instead of going to school everyday you could go to the pictures instead? Sitting in a dull classroom with textbooks is sooo last decade. People of all ages, but especially young people, need stimulus to learn. You have to want to learn. You have to be interested. You have to care. When I was at school, most of the time, I really didn't. It would so great if someone would make a series of exciting movies containing everything we ever needed to know in life. There could be plots, characters, special effects and directed actions for the audience. Let's make learning interactive and appealing instead of depressing and boring.

For example there could be films on:

Story Telling/Crafting
Survival Techniques
Basic Foreign Languages
Career Advice
Self Esteem/Body Image
How To's (like: cooking, sewing, DIY)
Life Lessons (like: mortgages, parenting, caring for someone)

I say screw high school, let's start movie school! (Sorry teachers!)

Chocolate: The Ultimate Experience

I'm talking beyond 3D here. There should be sweets and chocolate in the cup holders, under your chair, hanging from the ceiling and pouring out the screen. I'm thinking Willy Wonka meets Avatar. It could be the most delicious movie ever!

The Happy Tragedies

Wouldn't it be great if someone remade the most depressing movies ever? I would like to hear 'And they all lived happily ever after...' a lot more often! Therefore here are a few suggestions.

I'm thinking:

* The Titanic didn't sink
* PS I Still Love You and if you turn around it was all a bit joke and I faked my death but I'm here now
* Mandy Moore's character doesn't die and she does get to remember her walk
* Josh Harnett took a lovely vacation to Pearl Harbour and came home with a wife and baby
* The little girl found Attonement a lot quicker and Kiera and James got it on lots

You get the point, turn that frown upside down!

TV Show: The Movie

We have seen Simpsons: The Movie and Sex & The City: The Movie and we're expecting 24: The Movie and An Inbetweeners Movie soon. However, there are a few more shows I would like to see on the big screen, such as:

* Glee: The Movie
* F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Movie
* The L Word Movie
* The Mentalist Movie
* True Blood: The Movie
* The Vampire Diaries Movie
* Charmed: The Movie
* Gavin & Stacey: The Movie

Of course, it has to be done right. The Firefly TV series became the movie Serenity and it was brilliant, but we don't want another Buffy movie. The TV show was soooooo much better.

The Vampire Beauty Pageant

Let's just make a movie with all our favourite vampire hotties at an immortal beauty pageant. Think True Blood meets Miss Congeniality...


  1. I love the fiction and happy ending ideas, if only someone would do this!

  2. Thanks hun! If I wasn't such a wobbly camera woman I might have attempted it. Unfortunately my home movies look like they were filmed on a rocking chair. Oh dear...