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Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Tongue-In-Cheek Look at Film

Written by Scott Menzies

We love sarcasm, so much. Here's an alternative look at films right now:

“That film about the rock climber bored me so much I wanted to chop my own forearm off, but instead I walked out of the cinema after 125 hours...”

“Marvel is due to release a film this year which it hopes will rival ‘The Green Hornet’ for box-office success. The teaser trailer for ‘The Mauve Wasp’ has gone viral and is getting audiences everywhere buzzing with excitement...”

“The sequel to ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ is already in pre-production. Universal accidentally leaked the film’s working title, ‘Sentient Beings & Dinosaurs’, on a film blog...”

“Thomas the Tank Engine is chugging his way to a big screen near you this summer! With the local authorities telling Sodor that it needs to lower its carbon emissions, will Thomas become a victim of the environmental revolution? Steam is out and electricity is in for the horror story of the ages...”

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